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SavOn Energy Solutions Inc. is much more than just a solar company. We are guided by the principle of universal growth by way of providing our customers with an effective home efficiency solution that they can trust. Our solutions are carefully designed to provide you a custom experience with complete control. Here is an overview of each product:

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers plug the holes in your home that most people didn't even know they had. These barriers decrease the amount of energy loss with an up to 25-50% reduction in energy costs. Instead of paying to cool your home down, these barriers make it so your home doesn't get hot. A true game changer.

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What the experts are saying

"At least 25% and up to 50% in energy savings can be realized immediately depending on the climate, building configuration, family size and lifestyle."

"Adding Reflective Insulation to R-19 insulation proved more effective than upgrading to R-30 insulation. All insulation and Reflective Insulation showed FASTER paybacks."

"Reflective Insulation is most effective at reducing cooling bills in hot, sunny climates… the product will help reduce heating bills as well."

Solar Attic Fans

By keeping your attic circulated using the sun, it makes it so your heating and AC have to work that much less to keep you comfortable. A Solar Powered Attic Fan equalizes interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding your home from the worst of winter and hottest of summer.

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LED Lights

LED technology saves energy because LED (light emit diode) technology converts approximately 95% energy into light and only 5% wasted as heat. LED lighting produces brighter light while consuming less power. LEDs not only save energy but are also long lasting, low maintenance, easy to install, UV rays free, and eco-friendly.

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Smart Thermostats

Heating and cooling account for of your home’s energy costs.are the next generation of temperature control. They offer more control over your home’s temperature and climate, therefore saving you more on your energy bill! Not to mention a smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection offers many perks and advantages that go beyond temperature control.

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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Many people are switching tomotors orpumps tosave around 75% in their electric bill. If you are paying $800 a year now with a single speed motor, you can drop that cost to $200 a year with a motor (Based on $0.15/KWH - 20,000 gallon .

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Bird Guards

We provide solar pigeon barrier protection by using a combination of the latest and greatest technology and materials; combined with specialized laborers who are skilled in the best techniques to deter pigeons from your solar panels and protecting your investment.

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As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about your home's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a big effect on your utility bills — and your comfort. Have your energy bills skyrocketed recently? Your HVAC system may be out of date.

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Older roofs have difficulty standing up to the rising temperatures which in turn hits your wallet hard. Given that nearly half of the money spent on utility bills is on heating and cooling getting ato cut down on energy costs is worth considering.

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Imagine locked-in electricity costs for the next 20 years. No more spikes or rate hikes, just predictable, affordable power for years to come. With the average homeowner saving around $100,000 and zero out-of-pocket costs to get started, most are using the term "no-brainer" when switching over to solar.

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We dream about a planet run by the sun

We’re ready to help you take your life and home to a whole new level. Our team of professionals have been helping answer questions for years. Our promise is to take care of you like we would our own family - allow us to earn that trust. Welcome to SavOn Energy Solutions!

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