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Take your life and home to a whole new level

We’re committed to making the switch to solar as easy as possible. From your initial discussion with our Energy Specialists, to the day we power up your new solar system, we’ve got you covered. Our admin team and customer liaisons make you feel at home through the entire process!

5 Steps to an Efficient Home


Free Consultation

We take pride in educating – not selling. Our team will assess your home’s unique situation, teach you about the latest and greatest technology, and help you understand how to decrease your carbon footprint with a few tricks of the trade and save big.


Your Proposal

Our Energy Specialists will learn about the things that matter most to you with respect to home energy, review your recent utility usage and fees, and tailor a proposal that is specific to you and your family’s needs. We can pretty much do anything your heart desires.


Survey & Design

We survey your home & property to ensure our engineers design a system that will address your needs and maximize your savings. Quality and durability are core to our design process. Your system will have the best the industry has to offer.


Install & Setup

We’re experts when it comes to navigating city permits and building applications. We’ve got it all covered! The installation of your solar system is a piece of cake. With a 1 day turn around time for most properties, you'll be up and running in no time!


All Systems Go!

Just a quick inspection from your city and local utility company and it’s time to “flip the switch” Congratulations, you're making a HUGE difference!

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Product & Services

We're here for you with the most up-to-date solar and home efficient products available on the market today.


With electricity prices creeping up year on year, solar energy is an ideal option for those looking to reduce spending. We supply high-grade, maximum efficiency panels with 25 & 30 year warranties.

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Smart Home

You need a plan that encompasses all stages of home energy. This plan built specifically for you and your needs will have steps that you can implement independently or in stages. Get ready to take your home into the future!

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Energy Efficiency

Reducing energy costs must be a multifaceted approach. The biggest mistake solar owners make is not taking the time to learn about whole home energy efficiency options before putting solar panels on their roof.

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Still not sure where to begin? No problem, our experienced energy specialists are available to help guide you through the process.

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We believe in an abundant renewable future

Just breath... We have you covered. Starting with a free no-obligation conversation. Our energy specialists are ready to help you find a solution specific to your situation. Let us help you take back control of your home and power!

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